samedi 22 décembre 2012

Merry Xmas- Joyeux Noel_ Feliz navidad- Bueno Natale-Feliz natal

Joyeux Noel to my all followers and to mini blog land! Thanks for all your visits and comments.

Merry Xmas! DOei, claude

lundi 10 décembre 2012

Cologne Xmas market and miniatures!

Hello, This week-end was celebrating my fiance birthday's in Cologne! Some pictures of a nice shops around... Steiffffff teeddy bear and gingerbread house of a nice cafe shop on Sunday!

When you know I am just 1.54 cm imagine the size of this one... in front of Steiff shop in a little passage (where it was warm ...comparing to the - 5 degres out)...
one of the 10 window shop of a big store with all Steiff teddy bears on the theme of Far West... I was like a kid to go to one after one...
before to find that..... size nearly 1 meter high, window shop of a cafe where we got hot chocolate with cream and cheese cakes with apricot and cherries...

More important we found in Lindt museum shop some I have missed in Bruges and the first one as a present for my fiance, time we are starting a mini collection for him....

dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Winter celebrations 1.1 start!

Hello every one and specially my 87 followers welcome to the new ones!
Winter starts! I had to go to take care about my Mum and started during the travel my Xmas presents!

My friends saw them yesterday and were already enthusiastic. Then voila how to use ore than 21 fabrics.. in size 1.1 for minis it will come later...

Simple 9 patch but nice to offer! and to do!

dimanche 4 novembre 2012

Apeldoorn purchases

Last week-end it was the fair in Apeldoorn, you can see more pictures on others blogs as Noelle (from Nono Nolstagie), Les carnets de blondie or Le Coffre d'Emilie.

Sorry by advance but most of my purchases are  food.... and coming form Italy! I have my dear Italian boyfriend with me like that I have a translator, hahaha it was his 1st time in such fair ... I am not sure He will come next time, no comment!

On the left side above, frames + wood pieces from Artofmini with new collections you can find on their website

Tortellini with bouillon (such great recipe that I got in 1.1 size yesterday diner yummie), roses to hang, from Minimariba

Xmas box from Le Coffre d'Emilie ( I regret now not to have bought a Teddy bear of the new collection...), heart and bag from Iris  of Trezortjtes, lavender from ... I could not remember but a Dutch lady doing kits for flowers so beautiful..

Shelton cheese + cotelletes + orange with skin off  from Angie Scarr

Autumn cupcakes from Stewart Dollhouse creations 

And a cat bell for my house such perfect that Alemimikri can do it!

And of course welcome to my new followers, you are 84 now!!! a new try of pictures just for you! I have to practice a little bit, not yet convinced... 

Have a nice Sunday!

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Fall season 1.1

Fall season starts with sun last Saturday just the time to do some pictures of house decorations in 1.1 size... 

No minis yet because I am thinking about an autumn scene because my doll house needs a little refresh before to be presentable ( I am still looking on the way to arrange the front because I realized that the front part and door are not anymore straight... not funny...)

See you soon, doei, claude

vendredi 7 septembre 2012

For Genevieve step by step

Genevieve,  These pictures are for you they are step by step what was my room before painting (horrible orange) and after four times of white paints there is my room not finished of course..


Enjoy your week end

The guest of the week....miss Hyvaa

Hi all, 

Sorry for the silence but I am still surprised at the speed all of you are doing so nice minis which are dreams for me... 

I am happy to present you the guest of the week, Hyvaa (a Finnish name), this nice lady of 9 years old is spending 10 days with us during the holidays of her Mum our colleague Manuela.

It was a test for us because my dear fiance told me yes for a cat but he was not sure how it will be...

We will miss her I am spending all my evenings in our garden just in case she would like to go up and out of the garden, we are not sure she will find back her way back...and our area is full of others cats...

vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Go London Go! enjoy the opening ceremony!

Good evening every one,

Then I don't know if you are like me but I am watching BBC1 for the opening ceremony. Good luck to every athlete Pierre de Coubertin spirit must continue!

Enjoy these 2 next weeks! Doei, claude

mardi 24 juillet 2012

Petra 's presents, teddy collection and garden 1.1 beauties!

Hello every one, thanks a lot for yous comments on my previous post!

I will post later the patron of the little teddy bear as already posted by mail to Noelle. 
But there are the presents I have received from Petra (simple presentation but I have to do a scene with all those beautifuls things). Enjoy cupcakes, chocolates and flowers!
A tea party needs to be done for such things.
And now back at home after to have been in my parents house for a long long time my teddy collection... I need to present you Guinness the penguin, Teddy the teddy which is a present for starting a collection from an old friend, Dingle the sheep coming from a trip between 4 girls in Kerry and Dingle peninsula, and Cocotte the little chicken,are they cute???

And there is my first vitrine, unfortunately I did not have pictures of the ones I have done before or after to finish this one. And please have with me a little pray for Liliane who was the nicest lady of our group of miniaturits who was doing so beautiful hats (the shaker one is hers because I did not manage to make it) and who left us too soon a few years ago....
An other day I have to show the 2 others hats I have bought to her....the pink box is from an old friend Karine, the hat inside is mine and my first patchwork on the back LOL

And for finishing some pictures got by my dear boyfriend of our garden, where I am sitting with my computer and a glass of nice rose. Dear followers, enjoy your evening! see you soon! doei, claude

If you know how this tree is supposed to be treated your advice are welcome.

The hortensias remind me my dear Brittany!!

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Swap sent to Petra, welcome to my new followers!

Hi every  one, sorry to be so silent but I was really busy plus holidays plus plus... but I have tried to follow all the blogs around and left some comments... not so often that I would like.. 

Maybe you remember that I participate to the 1st July Xmas swap of Jazzy and Petra was my partner for it. 

Please find below what I have sent to her, but I have to start again a new picture of what she sent me because the sun was not really here the last week... and some others things which came back definitely from France in their new home...

A teddy bear that I have the patron since years.., cushion, little pyramid box in polar... cubes which are pearls, bag for baby crossed stitched, paper bag for Xmas shopping, bottle with dried flowers and some labels for perfume bottles that Petra is doing so well...

Also really important welcome to me my new followers, you are 83!!!!! Incredible for me! Give away is still in my mind...enjoy your day! Some roses from June for you all, thanks a lot!

mardi 15 mai 2012

Beterschapp Petra!

I have received a few days ago already my package from Petra, with my 1st July Xmas swap!!! but there is a reason why I have received so early... Petra needs to leave Nederland for going to get rest and getting back her health!

Beterschapp dear Petra!

dimanche 6 mai 2012

Minis in Veldoven... Miniatures a Veldhoven

Yesterday big surprise in Veldhoben Patchwork Europen championship (this year the thema was Flora)...minis were thtere!! 

 A patchwork shop on Cora's cottage stand who proposed a wok shop for doing it (pictures on post Mai 2011). 

 And with a lot of dolls beds and teddy bears sleeping in nice patchworks all coming from Germany, there was ....that:
I took some pictures but I have found back the website...
And my favorite because it was not Amish style as the others ones maybe...and because it is exactly why I have started patchwork in size1.1 for being able to do patchwork in minis... LOL
Enjoy your Sunday my dear 77 followers! 
 For the patchwork pieces we have seen and my new purchases, don't worry a new post will be done but I have to organize them a little bit... 
Doei, claude