dimanche 17 février 2013

Purchases from the Zwolle fair!

It was really intense and I promised to myself never going again on Saturday, too much people...

From Cora'sottage, where we went last Saturday, I bought some minis including a finger hat of 1mm.. yesterday I bought the fabrics I needed for a panel. Rubbon and patron of hearts from Au fil du temps from Strasbourg.

And after 3 times to have tried, I finally reached the stand of our nice blooger  Simone stand and I was able to buy..
Cindy you will laugh, because those squirrels were really looking good and ... familiar after a while I had the package between my fingers... of course you have done it and it is on your blog LOL...I will try to do it in minis and I have to find back the nice fabric with champignons on it...The stand of the Belgian ladies from Gent was absolutely wonderful as well..

But the stand of the two ladies from Germany was where I spent all my money and most of my time.. No comment! I have bought a present for my Mum: the efle on left side of the picture below and the rest is for me for next Xmas

Like you can see I came back with a lot of things but at least a lot of ideas as well.
Enjoy your Sunday, doei, claude