mardi 30 août 2011

Welcome new followers and big newssssss

Welcome to my 2 last followers Jollie and Spokje!

I did not forget all you but the summer runs .. and we were busy, Marit can tell you we did not manage to see each other until now...bad! 
Then please accept this nice rose plus a...

litlle meringue ... LOL

And I did not have the time and not enough sun to enjoy to do minis or prepare a summer scene...but there is always a but I have a new size 1.1 to share with you : computer bought (but gone already in holidays with my fiance in Italy, light and easy to transport...) and house as well... yep we were working on that since a while and we found our Home sweet home!!! crossing our fingers that everything will go right until we are moving... still some months to prepare everything!!! and to have a room only for me and my minis.... LOL
Doei, claude

mercredi 3 août 2011

Sabiha new blog :

Hi all, please note that Sabiha SAB Miniatures is not existing anymore (It disappears we don't why and how...)

her new one is please go to be a new time one of her followers! doei, claude