vendredi 29 avril 2011

Queensdag to my followers!!! and swap on its way for Marie!!!!!

Enjoy your day and warm welcome to my last follower Ana!!!

Marie, the swap is in its way I was nice I did NOT open yet your package LOL (I have to resist and to find something else to do....) sorry for being so late but my new job does not me allow to have too much time at home on the week days. Let me know when you are receiving it and I will open yours..

Doei, Claude

jeudi 21 avril 2011

Invitation for my followers! Who will find the eggs????

For all my followers, Happy Easter and enjoy this nice week end I hope you will enjoy it with your families or some friends, be careful not to eat too much....chocolates!!!

I am really sorry for the pictures but with my nice shop (next project) there was always this big problem of light because the shop window is in plastic!!!If somebody knows what is the solution thanks to let me know:)))

Then please be my guest and find where are the eggs and by the way there are some pieces of my swap with Marie inside, what do you think they could be??? enjoy, doei claude

dimanche 17 avril 2011

Marie, Swap ready to go!!!!

Since a few weeks with Marie (le petit monde merveilleux de Marie) we have spoken to organise a swap....Marie has a very busy job as nurse and I have started a new one as well:)))) but now I am ready to send a little package to Marie except that I did not receive yet her post address LOL

samedi 9 avril 2011

Spring mood in our garden!!!

With the sun today, please find below pictures got on today really nice, enjoy your Sunday!
I have started a new job this week and I did not have the time to do my posts as usually or to answer to your nice messages and comments!

The second picture is a new function found in my fiance camera that I have to try to use it:)))) doei

vendredi 1 avril 2011

rose cat cottage

Still work in progress...

 and it is required your indulgence because it got all the defaults of a 1st house done by a real beginner in minis...The style changed as well and forgot the navy blue tendance from the beggining for the carpets and wall papers as well, plus the walls size  not correct for the windows bought and I am not speaking about he part of the roof which can get away.
Outside Rose cat  cottage as its looks!!! started according to the plan of the Brittany house made by   Pain d'Epices for the magazine Cote Ouest in Dec 1995 (I did not realize it was so long ).
Inside ; really classic just 4 rooms and the stairs
Bathroom in grey and pink : the alone room which is nearly finished (after to have a good start a very long time ago :))))
Kitchen : the big part, bench in pink but which was red country style..
Bedroom : maybe too much crowdy with furnitures
Sitting room :  with the green big cupboard, which was originally in the kitchen
Oeil de boeuf for getting a little bit more light in the bedroom
(the picture is not clear on the front but like that you cannot see all the defaults LOL)