mercredi 30 mars 2011

welcome, bienvenuto, bienvenudo, bienvenue, welkom to my new followers! and a swap to finish!!!

To Norma, Pikko, Beatrice, Julie,Marieke, Roelie, Marit, Rosanna, Manuela, Marie, Ines, Magda, Eloisa, Teruka, Sonia, Cockerina (Caterina), Sonya and Choupavril! 

 I could not believe it!!! The original idea for 16 and for 32 is over now...(maybe for 48..LOL) because you are now 33 followers !!!! and some of you have already commented a previous post and went to visit the breakfast scene which was for the new followers (before you were 16). I was busy the last week and today there was not enough sun for new minis...and I have still a swap to finish..(oui Marie je ne vous ai pas oublie, ai ramene de mes reserves mes papiers speciaux..)..
                                               Please accept these roses.....

dimanche 13 mars 2011

Invitation for my followers to a breakfast party!!!

What do you thing to be my guests for a breakfast!!!! for each of you I dedicated many items, you will recognise some things you will enjoy....


13 followers!!!!... not really??? 14 ??? 15 will be more exact!!!

                                                                     Welcome to my new followers :

Last Sunday we went out for doing nice pictures and I found the picture below with my lucky number 13  and I did the comment that I will not use this picture before a very long time!!!! LOL and you added yourselves as followers:))))

Then welcome to the new followers who are :
Lara  ( that I have already discovered via others blogs
Sabiha  of course of our famous (thanks to share so much with us and thanks for having left a comment)
Ascension ( ( I was already laughing at your tea pot and cakes y una occasion de leer en espanol tambien)
Maria ( (congratualtions for the give away you have won)
Manfred : the alone man for the moment of this group
and Catherine ( a wonderful artist who was the 14, last arrived!
yep until my dear friend Anaelle joined you!!!!

Spring mood! Guess who arrived in the garden today....

Dafodills  and roses inside and lady birds everywhere in one part of the garden... pictures of my boyfriend!!! we found a few new functions with his camera..

lundi 7 mars 2011

Welcome new followers!

Welcome to Judith :  http:/, who saved me with her advices for my blog and her corrections :))),
Jennifer :
and Marie :, for who I am working into a swap!

Thanks a lot for your help and for your interest in my mini blog!

mardi 1 mars 2011

Happy birthday to Claudia!!!

Please be with me to wish a happy birthday to my dear and closed friend Claudia!!!
She is in Australia for travelling but we will respect the German tradition with a piece of cake and good friends around!

My dear you will recognize some of your miniatures... 
(I have to keep them during her travel).