dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Hello 2016.....

Hello all,

I know I know nearly 1 year without any post but computer not working well, busy at work... but during the summer new battery and back to my roots : cross stitching size 1.1 at least it was a beginning and running....
My Xmas present for myself is not finished but it will be done in the next weeks when the sun and light will be ok
I did not leave comments or messages as well but I have followed your post and some of you via FB..
In France we can until the last day of January wish a good year to people we are caring for ... then Happy new Year to all and Marithttp://blackcatcottage.blogspot.nl/ please be sure we are meeting this year (and I will not mix the dates again...).
And 2016 is starting to sound good for minis ( I did not do any new ones but please enjoy my winter scene). Have fun!

 Glass bells were from Creations Blondie I could not remember when ...with snow... it is for the one we got 2 weeks ago... for 1 day only!
 Cholocolate mug and  mug with sigh I love quilt, tea pot home made and books... plus some of my cats and my dog! the alone ones I have around LOL
And to celebrate a little bit February before time in 1.1 ... hearts & tulips,,