samedi 13 février 2016

Be my Valentine....

Hello dear followers,

Please be my Valentine and count the hearts in the following scene.
I wish you the best for this special day but Love does not have special day... because it is around us and every where we want to see it....

Gosh the 2nd post of the year ... I am on schedule... I have to think for march and Easter...

Sorry about the pictures I could not manage to put them where I wanted...
The roses are my Valentine present to I , me and myself with my favorite comment we are not celebrating Valentine day with my boyfriend since we gave to each other ... the same card (a collection from a painter we love together) and the same present ... chocolates LOL

dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Hello 2016.....

Hello all,

I know I know nearly 1 year without any post but computer not working well, busy at work... but during the summer new battery and back to my roots : cross stitching size 1.1 at least it was a beginning and running....
My Xmas present for myself is not finished but it will be done in the next weeks when the sun and light will be ok
I did not leave comments or messages as well but I have followed your post and some of you via FB..
In France we can until the last day of January wish a good year to people we are caring for ... then Happy new Year to all and Marit please be sure we are meeting this year (and I will not mix the dates again...).
And 2016 is starting to sound good for minis ( I did not do any new ones but please enjoy my winter scene). Have fun!

 Glass bells were from Creations Blondie I could not remember when ...with snow... it is for the one we got 2 weeks ago... for 1 day only!
 Cholocolate mug and  mug with sigh I love quilt, tea pot home made and books... plus some of my cats and my dog! the alone ones I have around LOL
And to celebrate a little bit February before time in 1.1 ... hearts & tulips,,

dimanche 15 février 2015

Cat collection! Post for Marie!

Hello Followers,

Please find below some pictures with my cats,,, minis cats of course : they are 7.
This post is for Marie who has a very nice cat and who is a marvelous miniaturist!
Enjoy and also a very old present from my parents who were out for celebrating Valentine yesterday!
Doei, claude

samedi 7 février 2015

Late Xmas.... and a 110 birthday!!!!

Hello all of you,

Sorry for my silence but 2014 was really really busy at work, I did not leave comments on your blogs but I was trying to visit them and to follow all of you!

And in the middle of that one week I did not check my computer and my blog or yours,  my blog was stolen by somebody and I have to close it for a while I hope that will be enough with some new parameters of security to protect it and yours! Seriously how somebody can do that on blog for minis... just for fishing...

Then please find below pictures of my Xmas scene (done after Xmas of course LOL) in a new place under a garden bell, idea that my boyfriend was really pleased with (at my surprise) and asking me for every season if it not every month a new scene then I will try my best. Enjoy! By the way my house has maybe a way to be finished. To be continued!

Doei, claude

and my collection of snow men!!!!

with the snow!!!
And a 110 birthday for my Becassine! 

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Bye bye blogger
As my blog was pirated by some one I am closing it now.

Thanks doei claude

dimanche 23 février 2014

In late ....Happy St Valentin...


Yes I know I am in late but it is the fault of blogger during a few days impossible to access to my blog for writing post or leaving comments on your posts....

I am never lucky with computers but this time I was really closed to close my blog and to say bye bye...

Then in late there are pictures I would like to share with you as I put out around the house all my 1.1 hearts....

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Happy new year 2014!

Best wish to all you who are doing loving , making, sharing, dreaming about Minis!
All the best for this new year, doei claude