samedi 22 décembre 2012

Merry Xmas- Joyeux Noel_ Feliz navidad- Bueno Natale-Feliz natal

Joyeux Noel to my all followers and to mini blog land! Thanks for all your visits and comments.

Merry Xmas! DOei, claude

lundi 10 décembre 2012

Cologne Xmas market and miniatures!

Hello, This week-end was celebrating my fiance birthday's in Cologne! Some pictures of a nice shops around... Steiffffff teeddy bear and gingerbread house of a nice cafe shop on Sunday!

When you know I am just 1.54 cm imagine the size of this one... in front of Steiff shop in a little passage (where it was warm ...comparing to the - 5 degres out)...
one of the 10 window shop of a big store with all Steiff teddy bears on the theme of Far West... I was like a kid to go to one after one...
before to find that..... size nearly 1 meter high, window shop of a cafe where we got hot chocolate with cream and cheese cakes with apricot and cherries...

More important we found in Lindt museum shop some I have missed in Bruges and the first one as a present for my fiance, time we are starting a mini collection for him....

dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Winter celebrations 1.1 start!

Hello every one and specially my 87 followers welcome to the new ones!
Winter starts! I had to go to take care about my Mum and started during the travel my Xmas presents!

My friends saw them yesterday and were already enthusiastic. Then voila how to use ore than 21 fabrics.. in size 1.1 for minis it will come later...

Simple 9 patch but nice to offer! and to do!