mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Bye Bye Amersfoort welcome to Maarssen

home sweet home!!! voila enfin dans notre maison!

And it is done after all this year of talking, searching, preparing.. it is not a long distance but it is shorter for going at work at least and a lot of things to discover...

Apres toute une annee de discussion, de visites, de pourparles, d'attente, de preparation ... pas une tres grande distance mais plus proche du travail un train en moins et tellement de nouvelles choses a decouvrir

pictures soon, des photos tres vite promis, doei, claude

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

help au secours.....we are packed... elle nous emballe....

elle a decide de nous emballer, de nous mettre dans des boites nous on veut pas!!!!
She decided again to pack us, to put us in boxes, we don't want that!!!!!

And yes I am feeling the same but it is for the best because we are moving in our own house and I will get a room only for my minis LOL

ET oui je ressens a peu pres la meme chose mais c'est pour le meilleur puisque l'on va emmenager dans notre propre maison, enfin et que je vais avoir une piece juste pour mes miniatures... LOL

Then see you soon, alors a bientot, doei, claude

mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Welcome to new followers 52 + 4= 56

Welcome to et bienvenue a :Doortje, Heleni, OIseau de NIm (met in Arhnem fair last month, rencontre a Arhnme le mois dernier) et Jennifer

Just for you some flowers... Juste pour vous quelques fleurs....

enjoy your day, profitez bien de la journee, doei, claude

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Arrietty Gibhli Manga surprise

UN DVD recu our mon anniversaire et dedans il y avait une surprise 1.12 trop mignonne...

a dvd received from my birthday and with a Manga surprise inside 1.12 scale so cute

Arhnem purchases, Annie, Nicole et les Nantaises retrouvees

Hello every one, bonjour a tous,

desormais je ferai mes post dans les deux langues
from now my posts will be in two languages

sorry for the silence and the delay but week really busy... problem as well with the pictures because we did not have today the sun of yesterday... bad luck!!

Bonjour tout le monde, desolee pour le silence et le delai mais semaine tres chargee au travail. autre probleme ce sont les photos ci-dessous car je n'ai pas eu le soleil d'hier...

As usually I did not have my camera on this fabulous fair of Arhnem but I will give you  blogs were I have found a lot of nice pictures :
And I was lucky to find 10 minutes after to arrive my friends from Nantes...specially Annie who had a bigger Longchamps than mine and Nicole with her fabulous silk foulard and 7 others ones...

Comme d'habitude, pas dáppareil photo mais il y a d'autres blogs avec de tres belles photos et puis j'ai retrouve mes amies de Nantes, merci a Nicole de porter son fabuleux foulard en soie car c'est grace a cela que j'ai percute que la dame dont je venais d'admirer le sac Longchamps plus grand que le mien etait celui de mon amie Annie.... Les Nantaises sont enfin venues a ce show!

There are below my purchases, voisi ci-dessous mes petits achats...(sorry for the legends something happen and I could not add them ... ggggrrrrggggrrr)

Meringues, cappuccino, cake stand and macarons from Scotland ...
I had to resist to the mas cakes and wedding cakes
et je ne vous dis pas les gateaux de Noel et les gateaux de mariage spectaculaires...

une petite boite rose avec des impressions jardin

des macarons auxquels je n'ai pas pu resister... I could not resist they were looking too ... nice.... 

jeudi 20 octobre 2011

followers 48+1+2+3+4=52 welcome to my new followers!!!

Hi every one, and thanks you so much for your comments and for being my new followers! This big bouquet is for all you (sorry for the picture but I love to get pictures not straight.. maybe it is coming from my name... LOL)

I am sorry but I did not have really the time to go to all your blogs reading them and leaving comments... but to find furniture for a new home and to prepare everything for December starts really now... I have to give up  my big sampler then I am not talking about minis which have to be packed soon as her friend Catherine and some of you during this year...

Take care and Carpe Diem! doei, claude

jeudi 22 septembre 2011

Welcome to new followers (48)

Welcome to Audra and Mini babies! thanks for following this blog and for the comments left.

Sorry to be so silent but still busy between work and the big project 2011. Autumn arrived and I did not do something I would like to do for all you... maybe this week end.... LOL doei, claude

jeudi 8 septembre 2011

Welcome to new followers (46)

Yep in one week I got 2 new followers, thanks to added yourselves on my blog, welcome to Carolina and Georgie.

And now new table bought for December when we are moving ... found in Tante Brocante in Putten... so nice shop... The blog was in the magazine Ariadne at Home and I have seen it by the window because it was closed and we went back with my dear fiance to ... buy it...

I will show you next if the sun shows up the items I have bought during the last 2 week -ends, not shopping for myself I am afraid..and not really in the summer mood... LOL claude

mardi 30 août 2011

Welcome new followers and big newssssss

Welcome to my 2 last followers Jollie and Spokje!

I did not forget all you but the summer runs .. and we were busy, Marit can tell you we did not manage to see each other until now...bad! 
Then please accept this nice rose plus a...

litlle meringue ... LOL

And I did not have the time and not enough sun to enjoy to do minis or prepare a summer scene...but there is always a but I have a new size 1.1 to share with you : computer bought (but gone already in holidays with my fiance in Italy, light and easy to transport...) and house as well... yep we were working on that since a while and we found our Home sweet home!!! crossing our fingers that everything will go right until we are moving... still some months to prepare everything!!! and to have a room only for me and my minis.... LOL
Doei, claude

mercredi 3 août 2011

Sabiha new blog :

Hi all, please note that Sabiha SAB Miniatures is not existing anymore (It disappears we don't why and how...)

her new one is please go to be a new time one of her followers! doei, claude

dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Una flor para Flor (41 followers) & para Teresa (42 followers)

Welcome to Flor my 41  follower and to Teresa the 42 nd one! I hope you will like the rose below, sorry for all you but my days off are finished and I did not work on minis like I was dreaming to do it, bad luck!

Thanks all you to leave messages as Marit, Genevieve, Klein Fingers, Marie, Jorge, Flora or Pei this last month!

Take care and enjoy the sun (which is coming today when I am going back at 

Patchwork 1.1 big sampler 7 blocks finished already but

Like you did not know I am doing an other big sampler (for going on a bed) called My Garden. It was started a very long time ago and everything is with color pinks and greens and of course hand made.

There are below the 7 blocks started already more than 2 years and finished during this month... I told you I am very slow....


                                                      autunm baskets
                                                      spring coming
                                                                     nearly summer
summer baskets

 and now I am going to do the others blocks (not so complicate) which are going around and are smallers. They are the results of a Sunday particulary rainy last week and of a few afternoons off this week (I am not going in holidays because our big project 2011 (in scale 1.1 not 1.12,,,LOL) will need at least one week off when it will happen) Just cross the fingers for us!!!

Enjoy your Sunday doesn't matter where your are big and minis hugs for all you!

vendredi 29 juillet 2011

38 + 2 = 40 followers

Welcome to Aurora and Atrus, sorry it is a short post but I was supposed to do patchwork today and instead of that I have stolen the computer of my fiance for going to visit your blogs and leave comments... LOL
time for a cup of tea ....

dimanche 10 juillet 2011


                                            Welcome to my new followers Sarah and Carmen!

en attendant Judith

Since last year we have started with my friend Judith a nice tradition, every time I am doing jam she is getting a pot... then a pot is waiting for her...

Patchwork 1.1 (part 2)

And now the complete sampler my first one hand made completely.... Thanks Pei for your nice comment!

vendredi 17 juin 2011

Patchwork! 1.1 (part 1)

My 1st sampler was done because of my minis but I am still doing size 1.1 before to start in minis...for celebrating the soon summer!

This sampler is done with 6 blocks and only hand made! it is called " Because I never finish"...

dimanche 22 mai 2011

last acquisition, new roses in the garden, new followers!!!

HI Dear blogland! Sorry I did not leave messages or comments but with my new job and the time of travel I did not have really the time and apparently on some of blogs my comments were not recorded, another thing I have to fix...

But lucky me I found minis in  the exhibition of patchwork in Veldoven last week-end, that's was the shop presented by Cora's cottage
I bought something for me and with the cute things sent by Marie (from our swap) now I have an idea of the human being activity would be in my cottage LOL,,,

I could not resist to show you our nices roses and they are smelling ...
Gorgeous! And for celebrating all you because you are now 36 followers, Bienvenudo a Teresa y Maria Jose!!!

Enjoy your day or night whatever where you are! Doei, Claude

samedi 7 mai 2011

Swap arrived and Scottish souvenir....

Swap finally arrived in Marie Place then please see below what I had sent but more important what she had sent to me... by the way I found something very nice in Scotland during our Easter week-end over there... And thanks a lot for your comments as usually on the previous posts. Doei, Claude

My totem is the snail in minis and in patchwork now you know why Marie had to wait a veryyy long time  the swap LOL

And now what Marie was so nice to send to me... Incredible and terribly cute!!!

and now Scottish souvenir