dimanche 6 mai 2012

Minis in Veldoven... Miniatures a Veldhoven

Yesterday big surprise in Veldhoben Patchwork Europen championship (this year the thema was Flora)...minis were thtere!! 

 A patchwork shop on Cora's cottage stand who proposed a wok shop for doing it (pictures on post Mai 2011). 

 And with a lot of dolls beds and teddy bears sleeping in nice patchworks all coming from Germany, there was ....that:
I took some pictures but I have found back the website...
And my favorite because it was not Amish style as the others ones maybe...and because it is exactly why I have started patchwork in size1.1 for being able to do patchwork in minis... LOL
Enjoy your Sunday my dear 77 followers! 
 For the patchwork pieces we have seen and my new purchases, don't worry a new post will be done but I have to organize them a little bit... 
Doei, claude

5 commentaires:

  1. Love the picture of the quilt over the railing

  2. Beautiful house. The quilt id fabulous!
    Bye Faby

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! Wonderful to see quilts and miniatures at the same time. I love seeing quilts but would never be able to make one. I'm looking forward to seeing your or yours.

  4. Oh my, to do something like that in that size... incredible. And beautiful!


  5. Nice to find miniatures at a quiltshow.
    Miniature greetings