mardi 15 mai 2012

Beterschapp Petra!

I have received a few days ago already my package from Petra, with my 1st July Xmas swap!!! but there is a reason why I have received so early... Petra needs to leave Nederland for going to get rest and getting back her health!

Beterschapp dear Petra!

dimanche 6 mai 2012

Minis in Veldoven... Miniatures a Veldhoven

Yesterday big surprise in Veldhoben Patchwork Europen championship (this year the thema was Flora)...minis were thtere!! 

 A patchwork shop on Cora's cottage stand who proposed a wok shop for doing it (pictures on post Mai 2011). 

 And with a lot of dolls beds and teddy bears sleeping in nice patchworks all coming from Germany, there was ....that:
I took some pictures but I have found back the website...
And my favorite because it was not Amish style as the others ones maybe...and because it is exactly why I have started patchwork in size1.1 for being able to do patchwork in minis... LOL
Enjoy your Sunday my dear 77 followers! 
 For the patchwork pieces we have seen and my new purchases, don't worry a new post will be done but I have to organize them a little bit... 
Doei, claude

jeudi 3 mai 2012

Feeling week-end!!!!!!

Enjoy your week-end! Tomorrow direction Rotterdam and Saturday Veldhoven for the European championship of patchwork 2012! Doei, claude

mercredi 2 mai 2012

Thanks a lot! Merci beaucoup!

THanks a lot for your comments and you are 75 followers now!!! Incredible... then I promised myself to do something special for all you ... Time will come, surprise soon and something special for my new followers of course!!! Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires et vous etes 75 menbres! Incroyable! Donc une petite surprise s impose et surtout quelque chose de special pour les nouveaux membres! Sorry for this one short but I have to go back to my patchwork size 1.1!!! before to think about the Xmas swap in July for Petra (my partner for it) organised by Jazzi (from the other part of the world).... Doie, claude