dimanche 15 février 2015

Cat collection! Post for Marie!

Hello Followers,

Please find below some pictures with my cats,,, minis cats of course : they are 7.
This post is for Marie who has a very nice cat and who is a marvelous miniaturist!
Enjoy and also a very old present from my parents who were out for celebrating Valentine yesterday!
Doei, claude

samedi 7 février 2015

Late Xmas.... and a 110 birthday!!!!

Hello all of you,

Sorry for my silence but 2014 was really really busy at work, I did not leave comments on your blogs but I was trying to visit them and to follow all of you!

And in the middle of that one week I did not check my computer and my blog or yours,  my blog was stolen by somebody and I have to close it for a while I hope that will be enough with some new parameters of security to protect it and yours! Seriously how somebody can do that on blog for minis... just for fishing...

Then please find below pictures of my Xmas scene (done after Xmas of course LOL) in a new place under a garden bell, idea that my boyfriend was really pleased with (at my surprise) and asking me for every season if it not every month a new scene then I will try my best. Enjoy! By the way my house has maybe a way to be finished. To be continued!

Doei, claude

and my collection of snow men!!!!

with the snow!!!
And a 110 birthday for my Becassine!