mercredi 30 mars 2011

welcome, bienvenuto, bienvenudo, bienvenue, welkom to my new followers! and a swap to finish!!!

To Norma, Pikko, Beatrice, Julie,Marieke, Roelie, Marit, Rosanna, Manuela, Marie, Ines, Magda, Eloisa, Teruka, Sonia, Cockerina (Caterina), Sonya and Choupavril! 

 I could not believe it!!! The original idea for 16 and for 32 is over now...(maybe for 48..LOL) because you are now 33 followers !!!! and some of you have already commented a previous post and went to visit the breakfast scene which was for the new followers (before you were 16). I was busy the last week and today there was not enough sun for new minis...and I have still a swap to finish..(oui Marie je ne vous ai pas oublie, ai ramene de mes reserves mes papiers speciaux..)..
                                               Please accept these roses.....

6 commentaires:

  1. thank you for welcome!!!

    greetz manuela

  2. Thanks to you for the warm welcome and for the roses!

  3. Thank you very much for the roses. Rosanna

  4. Obrigada pelas boas vindas!
    Bem vinda,também ao meu blog!

  5. I adore roses, these are so pretty, thank you for your welcome :)

  6. Je vous en prie, You are welcome! it is nice to know that such great talented miniaturists are interested by my minis... a surprise will come like I have done the breakfast party, you deserve it!!! Thanks a lot for being a follower of mine and to have left such nice comments! enjoy your week-end, doei, claude