dimanche 13 mars 2011

13 followers!!!!... not really??? 14 ??? 15 will be more exact!!!

                                                                     Welcome to my new followers :

Last Sunday we went out for doing nice pictures and I found the picture below with my lucky number 13  and I did the comment that I will not use this picture before a very long time!!!! LOL and you added yourselves as followers:))))

Then welcome to the new followers who are :
Lara  (larasminiatureworld.blogspot.com) that I have already discovered via others blogs
Sabiha  of course of our famous sabsminiinteriors.blogspot.com (thanks to share so much with us and thanks for having left a comment)
Ascension (ascension-misminiaturas.blogspot.com) ( I was already laughing at your tea pot and cakes y una occasion de leer en espanol tambien)
Maria (diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.com) (congratualtions for the give away you have won)
Manfred : the alone man for the moment of this group
and Catherine (catherineholmanfolkart.blogspot.com) a wonderful artist who was the 14, last arrived!
yep until my dear friend Anaelle joined you!!!!

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