vendredi 1 avril 2011

rose cat cottage

Still work in progress...

 and it is required your indulgence because it got all the defaults of a 1st house done by a real beginner in minis...The style changed as well and forgot the navy blue tendance from the beggining for the carpets and wall papers as well, plus the walls size  not correct for the windows bought and I am not speaking about he part of the roof which can get away.
Outside Rose cat  cottage as its looks!!! started according to the plan of the Brittany house made by   Pain d'Epices for the magazine Cote Ouest in Dec 1995 (I did not realize it was so long ).
Inside ; really classic just 4 rooms and the stairs
Bathroom in grey and pink : the alone room which is nearly finished (after to have a good start a very long time ago :))))
Kitchen : the big part, bench in pink but which was red country style..
Bedroom : maybe too much crowdy with furnitures
Sitting room :  with the green big cupboard, which was originally in the kitchen
Oeil de boeuf for getting a little bit more light in the bedroom
(the picture is not clear on the front but like that you cannot see all the defaults LOL)

7 commentaires:

  1. Bravo! Car je sais combien les plans des maisons de Pain d'Epices sont difficiles à réaliser.
    J'attends la suite avec impatience!

  2. Have fun with your little house. And have fun in Scotland, a beautiful country which most Italians love. My family and I spent 3 weeks there last year.Rosanna

  3. I love what you did with this cottage. You've got lovely miniatures in it and I like the colours.

  4. This step is the most exciting for me :-)
    I have spent and will spend hours to place the furniture :-)
    The chaos of your cottage is very promising: I await with interest the developments
    Mini hugs and good trip, Flora

  5. hahahahaha, you all are too nice... chaos is the right word Flora, promising I am not sure, specially when you know that my big problem is the colors.... that's why this cottage is not finished since nearly 15 years, yep Madam! Thanks for your comments! Doei, claude

  6. Et bien, j'ai vu ma petite Bécassine, j'ai cliqué et hop! me revoilà!!! Je la trouve adorable cette maison.J'ai un petit faible pour la jolie table ronde de la cuisine. Toutes mes tables sont rondes à la maison d'ailleurs! Y compris dans la masison de poupées. :)))