dimanche 13 mars 2011

Invitation for my followers to a breakfast party!!!

What do you thing to be my guests for a breakfast!!!! for each of you I dedicated many items, you will recognise some things you will enjoy....


10 commentaires:

  1. What a sweet scene! It is very welcoming. I love the fabric on your armchair and you show us lovely and great miniatures.

  2. Ooooh, I'd love to come for tea, such a relaxing little scene :)

  3. Enhorabuena, es una escena perfecta.
    Dan ganas de sentarse y relajarse un poco.
    besitos ascension

  4. Thanks for your comments Gevenevieve, Norma and Ascension! I am pleased that you enjoyed this little present.

    Genevieve, this armchair was the 1st piece in minis I have bought for Xmas 1996 and in a little shop in Rennes (where I had spent a lot of money before to join a club and to meet more miniaturists). The problem I am moving a lot my minis and this one started to have some failures but I don't know how to fix them (if you have any idea there are welcome). There was also a sofa but one day I decided to get away the fabric and I did not make it new. And taste changed....

    Voila, thanks again,

  5. Mmm..very delicious breakfast! Thank you for inviting me:D I enjoyed your breakfast scene very much. Greetings, piikko

  6. The idea to meet us in front of a good hot tea, in an environment so nice and bright, it's a great consolation, since here the day is cold and ugly.
    Thank you, I gladly accept :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  7. That looks so inviting! Wonderfull!
    And I just read on 'Frederica's Little world' that you live in Amersfoort. I live in Nijkerk, thats so close we could actualy drink tea for real together;-)

    I'm having a give-away on my blog, your invited to join!

    Kind regards,

  8. Thanks to Pikko, Flora and Marieke for the lasts comments left on my blog and of course this scene is for all the new followers added since my previous post about 16, you are now 21!!!!!!(but a welcome will come, promess)

    Marieke, it sounds nice to have a real tea time if you are living so close, but somebody lives also really closed to us Cindy from cindycountryhome.blogspot.com

    I will do something special for the new ones... whouah! I have to find more ideas than what I was thinking... something new for me LOL

    Thanks to have added as followers when I know all you are such great artists and talented miniaturists...

    Doei, Claude

  9. The name of your blog, the same interest and living in the Netherlands! I just had to become a follower! (Perhaps I should write in Dutch?)


  10. Hi Claude! I would love join to your yummy breakfast and speak a lot about miniatures.I really like your blog.
    Sweets regards from Spain.