dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Patchwork 1.1 big sampler 7 blocks finished already but

Like you did not know I am doing an other big sampler (for going on a bed) called My Garden. It was started a very long time ago and everything is with color pinks and greens and of course hand made.

There are below the 7 blocks started already more than 2 years and finished during this month... I told you I am very slow....


                                                      autunm baskets
                                                      spring coming
                                                                     nearly summer
summer baskets

 and now I am going to do the others blocks (not so complicate) which are going around and are smallers. They are the results of a Sunday particulary rainy last week and of a few afternoons off this week (I am not going in holidays because our big project 2011 (in scale 1.1 not 1.12,,,LOL) will need at least one week off when it will happen) Just cross the fingers for us!!!

Enjoy your Sunday doesn't matter where your are big and minis hugs for all you!

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  1. Very beautiful Claude,
    I really admire your patchwork! :-)

    Hugs Jollie