dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Arhnem purchases, Annie, Nicole et les Nantaises retrouvees

Hello every one, bonjour a tous,

desormais je ferai mes post dans les deux langues
from now my posts will be in two languages

sorry for the silence and the delay but week really busy... problem as well with the pictures because we did not have today the sun of yesterday... bad luck!!

Bonjour tout le monde, desolee pour le silence et le delai mais semaine tres chargee au travail. autre probleme ce sont les photos ci-dessous car je n'ai pas eu le soleil d'hier...

As usually I did not have my camera on this fabulous fair of Arhnem but I will give you  blogs were I have found a lot of nice pictures :
And I was lucky to find 10 minutes after to arrive my friends from Nantes...specially Annie who had a bigger Longchamps than mine and Nicole with her fabulous silk foulard and 7 others ones...

Comme d'habitude, pas dáppareil photo mais il y a d'autres blogs avec de tres belles photos et puis j'ai retrouve mes amies de Nantes, merci a Nicole de porter son fabuleux foulard en soie car c'est grace a cela que j'ai percute que la dame dont je venais d'admirer le sac Longchamps plus grand que le mien etait celui de mon amie Annie.... Les Nantaises sont enfin venues a ce show!

There are below my purchases, voisi ci-dessous mes petits achats...(sorry for the legends something happen and I could not add them ... ggggrrrrggggrrr)

Meringues, cappuccino, cake stand and macarons from Scotland ...
I had to resist to the mas cakes and wedding cakes
et je ne vous dis pas les gateaux de Noel et les gateaux de mariage spectaculaires...

une petite boite rose avec des impressions jardin

des macarons auxquels je n'ai pas pu resister... I could not resist they were looking too ... nice.... 

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  1. What great finds! Thanks for posting in English also. I am sure that takes extra time

  2. You have bought a lot of nice things.