dimanche 22 mai 2011

last acquisition, new roses in the garden, new followers!!!

HI Dear blogland! Sorry I did not leave messages or comments but with my new job and the time of travel I did not have really the time and apparently on some of blogs my comments were not recorded, another thing I have to fix...

But lucky me I found minis in  the exhibition of patchwork in Veldoven last week-end, that's was the shop presented by Cora's cottage :www.corascottage-winkel.nl
I bought something for me and with the cute things sent by Marie (from our swap) now I have an idea of the human being activity would be in my cottage LOL,,,

I could not resist to show you our nices roses and they are smelling ...
Gorgeous! And for celebrating all you because you are now 36 followers, Bienvenudo a Teresa y Maria Jose!!!

Enjoy your day or night whatever where you are! Doei, Claude

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