samedi 13 février 2016

Be my Valentine....

Hello dear followers,

Please be my Valentine and count the hearts in the following scene.
I wish you the best for this special day but Love does not have special day... because it is around us and every where we want to see it....

Gosh the 2nd post of the year ... I am on schedule... I have to think for march and Easter...

Sorry about the pictures I could not manage to put them where I wanted...
The roses are my Valentine present to I , me and myself with my favorite comment we are not celebrating Valentine day with my boyfriend since we gave to each other ... the same card (a collection from a painter we love together) and the same present ... chocolates LOL

5 commentaires:

  1. It's so beutiful. Your work is amazing!!!
    In fact, I looked back through some of your older blog posts, and I think all your work is beautiful - so very well done. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of the lovely pieces that you make. I am following you, it will be very kind and nice if you visit my blog and follow too.

    This is just amazing . I love your miniature works. You are amazing miniaturist!!! Love this blog!!!!
    My blog

    1. Hi Aniela you are an amazing miniaturist But what I did not mention that all the food or wine, plates are from really really talented miniaturists not mine. Sorry but for a lot of them they were bought a very long time ago and I forgot the names...I am doing only some cushions or the big bench and to play with all those minis. I will follow you as well.
      Always nice to discover new miniaturists.
      Soon a n other post, doei claude

  2. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !

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