samedi 24 mars 2012

Arnhem fair purchases!!! nouveaux achats...

Sunny Saturday for a nice trip to Arnhem fair in Eusebius churh! After a good cappuccino direction to the fair and first meeting with Belgian ladies who asked me to go to Iris... before of course to start the shopping

Cupboard for the kitchen and nice frames from Italy Villa MIniatures, cluttery for ... something that I hope I can do , plants from MOM & MOM, Madrid...

Very nice cloches... one from Blondie and the tiny one from Art of Mini, welcome and thank you appreciated by all us...and a nice peach tart for the summer!


eater treat with a Lindt chocolate rabbit, gingerbread man, radish and pear!!

Radish for going with a fabric I have bought last year ... a little idea coming soon...

Ps : I forgot to mention that I got the chance to meet Sylvia, Sabiha, Rosanna & Sans....

5 commentaires:

  1. Great buys and it seems you had some fun :-) Some of your buys are food-themed so I really wonder what idea you have in mind with them. A Bistro???
    Hugs, sandra

  2. What wonderful buys!!
    I would love to go to the Arnhem fair it sounds amazing!!!
    Vicky xxxx

  3. Very nice purchases!I love everything you bought but my favorite is the sugarbowl and milkjug on the tray. Maybe we did see each other their and didn't realise it.